Saturday, May 27, 2017

Cologne, biking, and the Rhine!
The first few days of our expedition have been AMAZING.  Our hosts Natascha and Michel have been so, so, kind.  Thursday was a festival in downtown Cologne.  It was Vatertag's Day.  When Michel first told me about it I first thought he was joking.  Apparently on this day all men go out drinking in groups without their wives/girlfriends and get drunk and walk around the town.  (It also coincides with Ascension Sunday?!, WTF?) This is an actual holiday where all the stores and businesses are closed.  We rode bikes to the downtown and we felt we were living in the "Sound of Music" where all the kids ride the bikes around Austria!  The country side was just like in the movie.  Our hosts were so kind, they borrowed bikes for Rachael and I from their group of friends that we can use the whole time we are here.  Sounds easy except when you remember that I am only 4'7" !  It was very crowded downtown but we were able to experience some 'local color'.  While biking there Natascha said to me, "do you want to take a coffee on the boat?"  What a question !  Do I want to have a coffee while sitting on the deck of a ship on the Rhine River in Germany???  HELL YES !  That evening their neighbors invited us for a cookout in their yard.  I think I'm in HEAVEN !  By the way, their dog Motte' is my friend now as I take her walking with me in the morning.  I hope Midas doesn't read this, he will be jealous !

Some time was spent in "ordinary things" like grocery shopping, getting a phone card, and other things like this, but in another country ALL THESE THINGS are an adventure !

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