Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Travel Preparations

Hello virtual travel companions! I'm getting ready to leave and am getting a bit nervous. Some of you have asked "Why did you choose India for your trip ? " And the answer is--- I don't know. Ever since I came back from Peru last year I have been struggling to learn Spanish thinking I'd go to another Spanish speaking country. Some time around January, I just got the "idea", message, whatever you want to call it, that I should go to India. I still don't know why I'm supposed to go to India, but I have to say that the destination is correct. This week I am in Kansas City, MO working for ETS (Educational Testing Service) grading exams. Wouldn't you know, my roommate is from INDIA ! What are the chances of THAT happening? and then the strangest thing happened. I was telling her about my trip and that I would need to wear the traditional clothing while at my volunteer sight-- she then said that she bought a Pungabi dress (what they wear in Darmasala) as a gift for a friend during her last visit to her family in India, but that she was not able to contact her friend and that she would like to give me the dress ! She said that she would FedEx it to me so I'd have it for my trip !!!! (now comes the strange part), I got a really funny feeling when she said this and so I asked her, "Is it green?"-- "Yes", she said, "How did you know?"... I didn't know-- it's just that my favorite color is green !!!! These kinds of things show me that somehow I am on the right path to be going to India. I'm not sure what I will find there, or what I need to learn by going there, but obviously a higher power is at work here. Over a month ago I was at the library looking through the audio books-- no specific order, just browsing. I saw the book, Anna and the King of Siam, and thought it looked interesting. Wouldn't you know it's about a teacher who goes to Siam (near India) and helps bring change to the country through her influence on the royal family! While I don't aspire to being able to change a country, I hope to change the lives of the people I help in a positive way.
Only 10 days till I leave.... what will this adventure teach me? I can't wait to find out !!!!

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