Monday, June 25, 2012

On the Road Again...

June 25-26: Sunday morning we hugged Cherie goodbye and headed out.  We were so surprised at the different landscapes of Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma.  We especially decided that we would go back through Oklahoma as there was lots to see.  We saw windmills that gave clean energy to Oklahoma and wondered why more wasn't being done with that.  We ate dinner in a pizza place in OK that had the WORST pizza I ever tasted!  The crust was like cardboard.  We were also given ranch dressing to go on the pizza which I thought was odd.  The waitress told us that they put ranch dressing on everything !  We also learned that OK was famous for their wheat production and for steak.  While passing through Texas, we actually got to see some cowboys wearing 10 gallon hats !  We are in Grants, NM tonight and are looking forward to hiking tomorrow !
Today's pictures :

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Keith said...

Hey Gurlz,
I'm really enjoying my virtual vacation with the Raders. I seems like so much fun! Don't forget to bring back a memory of the night sky in the desert to share with me.
Rach, take good care of your 'elder'