Friday, June 22, 2012


We started on the road and drove, and drove…. We got several “thumbs up” gestures and honks about our slogan on the car.    We stopped in Memphis at a Chic-fil-a where we were shocked to see a person dressed as a CHICKEN rather than a cow !  Rachael and I laughed about it and Rachael even had to ask the manager about it.  Turns out that the chicken was the original Chic-fil-a mascot ! Go figure !  We headed towards the home of our Couch Surfing hosts, Michael and Caroline who live in Memphis with their two small children.  As always, we are always a little nervous when we first get to a CS host, but we immediately became comfortable as there was also another couple staying at the house as well.  We hit it off immediately and talked about our travels, politics, parenting and fine wine.  Rachael and I even had our own bedroom in their “mini-mansion” as they call it.  In the morning we played with the kids and chatted some more.  The baby is only 2 months old and holding him made me think back to when Joel was little.  Their other son is 2 and into everything.  They were delightful. We left Memphis about noon and headed towards Hot Springs.  We arrived around 4pm and met with our new host, Chere’.  She is also a teacher and shares my love of books and travel.  Well, off to bed, tomorrow—Hiking at Hot Springs National Park !

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