Thursday, June 14, 2012

Preparing for the journey...

Woke up this morning ready to "get ready" for the trip.  Took our Brave little Toaster to the Scion dealer for an oil change and tune up.  They even washed it for me !  Rachael and I went through our clothes trying to not pack too many items, but it was hard as we don't really know what awaits us !  We are down to 2 suitcases, one box with hiking gear, one tote full of toiletries, a box with audio books and a cooler for water bottles.  We have some last minute errands to run tomorrow, but plan to relax a bit Friday, Clean the apartment on Saturday, and hang with friends after church on Sunday.   I must admit I am getting a bit nervous.  The thought of being away from home for 6 weeks is a little scary.  I wonder how Midas (our dog) will do.  I worried a little about safety issues or car issues.  Overall, I think it will all work out... After all, we aren't even leaving the country !

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