Monday, July 3, 2017

Off to Barcelona !: June 28, 2017

Our day began VERY EARLY as our flight from Paris to Barcelona left at 6:20am !  We called an Uber and made it to the airport without any problems.  The flight was smooth and we were in Barcelona by 8:30am.  Again, we had to figure out the transportation system, but we had lots of practice and it was easy to navigate to our Airbnb.  When we arrived we were only able to leave our baggage there, not check in as it was so early.  We were thankful for that although we both would rather have just gone to sleep.  We took off in search of breakfast.  Once we'd eaten, (and I'd had coffee) we were much more ready to begin our explorations !
 Here is the bus stop we needed to be back to in order to get back to our place.  
 Unusual statue in the square.

 Plenty of naked women statues here ! 

 THOUSANDS of pigeons in the park.  These could feed a lot of hungry people !  Wasn't there a time not too long ago when people raised and ate pigeons ???

 While the square was beautiful and spacious, the streets were very narrow. (as they are all over Europe)

 Barcelona Cathedral

 Here are some photos from inside the cathedral.  I liked this one better than the one in Prague.  It wasn't as ostentatious and gaudy.  While waiting to get into the cathedral there were women selling scarves that they said we needed to use to cover ourselves (because our shoulders were showing).  I didn't want to buy one because I think it's a scam.  When I got to the door, the doorman said I had to cover my shoulders or I couldn't go in.  He said I should buy a scarf from one of the women.  I said, "no, I'll just come back tomorrow".  Just then another girl who was leaving the church handed me her scarf and said "here, you can have mine".  Before I could even thank her, she had disappeared into the crowd.  KARMA.

 As part of our ticket, we were able to climb up to the roof !

 It was VERY WINDY !

After the cathedral, we had lunch and went back to the house to take a much needed nap !

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