Monday, July 3, 2017

Paris Day 4: July 26, 2017

Today was a huge mess.  We decided to go visit the beautiful palace of Versailles as it is only 30 minute train ride outside of Paris.  We looked up the directions, packed a lunch, and took off to ride the bus to the train, to the palace.  After finding the correct train to ride, we got on and started the journey. (by train it is 1.5 hours.) We were talking to a couple on the train about how excited we were when another woman on the train told us that the estate was closed today due to some event.  As soon as I verified this on the website, we got off the train.  We didn't know where we were nor what we would do next.  Rachael wanted to just walk around while I wanted to go back to the Cathedral to see inside.  We argued and went our separate ways.  Later on we got to the cathedral and got on line.  It began to rain so we took cover at a cafe and had lunch.  We tried some Indian food which was mediocre at best.  Once the rain stopped, we went back to the cathedral but the line was still very long so we decided to go to the Paris City Museum instead.  After wandering around for about an hour looking for the place, we were told where it was, BUT that it has been closed for the past year for renovations !  We were feeling very unlucky at this point and headed back to our place to relax.  Once there we stayed in and watched a movie.  Tomorrow WILL BE BETTER !

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