Monday, July 3, 2017

Paris Day 5: June 27, 2017

This morning we woke  up late and hung around the house drinking coffee before we decided to spend the day IN the Louvre.  We got lots of pictures of the outside of the museum, which is a piece of art in itself, but I wanted to see the treasures inside and I knew it would take at LEAST one whole day.  Here are some pictures of the treasures I liked best.  I would also mention that the inside walls and ceiling of the rooms were also pieces of art.
He is captivated by her, and she's my size !

Belly doesn't stop her admirers !

Beautiful !

How did MY ass get painted on this woman ? !

These paintings really impressed me because I am always getting on to myself about my weight.  Although I'm not obese, I do have a bit of a belly and it sometimes makes me feel unattractive.  Here, there are paintings of woman who look beautiful in spite of (or because of?) their extra flesh and they are being idolized and admired.  How did our generation get so enthralled with being "skinny" ?  I don't think people should be overweight or obese, but 10 lbs over one's ideal weight shouldn't make us feel like failures.  I hike, practice yoga, and eat very healthy (except when on vacation), and I'm still a bit over weight.  I wish I could focus more on my health than worry about how "fat" I look.  Maybe seeing these paintings will help me (and maybe you) accept my/our selves the way we are.

I then went to see the famous "Mona Lisa".  I was very disappointed because the crowd was so big that it was difficult to even get near the portrait.  Also, they had it roped off AND in a glass case so that it was impossible to see any detail. 😕
Rachael was in another part of the museum, so I tried to take a selfie.  I think I look good enough today that someone should paint MY portrait !

Here are some more of my favorites.
 Egyptian stone paintings: unbelievable that even the colors have endured the passage of time !

 Marble painted ceiling in one of the rooms.

Beautiful Statues

 What is he doing with that Duck !

Statue of an intersex person (hermaphrodite)

Girls just want to have fun !

We stayed as long as possible in the museum.  (they had to ask us to leave because they were trying to close) I could have spent days in there !  After the museum, we had a quick bite to eat and went back to our place to pack for the next leg of our journey.  

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