Thursday, July 14, 2011

Costa Rica Day 1

Hola mes amigos,
The plane landed in Costa Rica at around 4:30 your time. Here it is 2 hours earlier. The country is beautiful. We went straight to the main office of the Spanish Imersion program and went over some information about our host families. We ATE. chicken and rice, salad, refried beans, fresh fruit: papayas, avecado, pineapple, and home made tortilla chips which are so crispy and delicious that I think I will have to learn to make them! Then our host families came for us and the real adventure began. We are each staying with a family and the families know very little if any English. I have to say that I was a little, ok, a lot, nervous when we drove away from the office and I had to rely on the little Spanish I know. My host family made me feel welcome right away and I was shocked at how much I can understand what they are saying and how many words I can put together to at least make myself understood. Their home is in Atenas and I would say that they are a middle class family based on the fact that I am writing this on Pablos laptop and they have wifi. Actually, it is the same as my laptop at home! Some of the keys on the keyboard are different, but it is the same machine. Each of the program participants is staying with a different family and each family is from a different socioeconomic background. I hit the jackpot as I have wifi and hot water! It is raining at the moment so I thought I would write my first message. I am very tired but excited to be here. The rest of the evening will be spent talking or, attempting to talk with my host family. Then I will get some sleep and be up at 6:30am for coffee. Lorenos my host mother shares my love of coffee and asked me if I wanted a big cup, mug or a little cup by showing me both. I laughed and you know which cup I chose ! Tomorrow our first adventure will be to the market so stay tuned for pictures and stories. Love to all,

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