Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 17

This morning I was up early again and I walked to the center of the city where we were all meeting. We were all excited because the sun was finally out and we could see the country at its best! We drove to the Butterfly farm. It was amazing! I even got the opportunity to see the actual moment when a butterfly emerges from its crysillis! It is truly a sight that stimulates awe. There were so many butterflies that I could hardly walk without bumping into them. In fact, several times the butterflies landed on me. --see pics on facebook-- Alas, once we left the farm it began to rain again. We had lunch at the home of one of the SIP staff and then walked around the town a bit. There was a festival going on in the square despite the rain. I broke down and purchased an umbrella from one of the few shops that was open. Then I walked back to my host home and took a nap. When I awoke, I practiced my Spanish with my host mother and shared some of my pictures from my online album. I tried to show Pablo, but like most 14 year old boys he was much more interested in his friends on facebook. Kids are the same everywhere I guess. Im going to upload some more pictures to FB. Please feel free to comment on these posts or to ask any questions!

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