Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday, July 16th

Hola !
I got up early this morning because we had to leave for the Volcano at 7. We got on a bus and drove up a VERY steep mountain on a gravel road. The road was narrow in most places and very curvy. Several times we had to back up so that another vehical could get by. It looked like we might fall off the road and off the mountain in some places! When we got to the state park we were met by the Volcanologist. He explained how there are many active volcanos in central and south america. Also, that CR gets earthquakes! I didnt know that! CR gets a large amount of its electricity from geo-thermal energy. One of the problems created by the volcanos along with the destruction that they can cause, is that volcanos give off emore gasses than all of the cars in CR combined! Thus, natural volcanos are adding to the problem of global warming. I was also VERY interested to learn that next week he is going to be searching for extreme-aphiles in the volcanic lakes! I am hoping that somehow I can volunteer to help with his project! After the lecture we climbed the volcano but when we got to the top it was so cloudy and rainy that we couldnt see much. I tried taking pictures and I hope some of them come out. The entire country of CR is a rainforest, so we cant really complain about the rain, and it is the rainy season. Still, I hope we get some sunshine soon. We are told by the locals that although it rains everyday it is usually sunny in the morning and rains in the late afternoon. I hope that is the case tomorrow. I am improving with my Spanish and am really enjoying this trip. While Ive only been here a few days, it feels like I have been here for a long time. After we left the volcano, we went to a tourist restaurant for lunch. The grounds were beautiful as you will see in the pictures. After that we went to the directors house and she taught us how to make empanadas. She has a beautiful house that rivals any in NC. We talked to a neighbor who is an American who chose to retire in CR. He says it is a great place to retire and that the cost of living is much lower here. I am putting CR on my list of possible places to retire ! After we ate the empanadas, we got some dancing lessons from Odies --the director-- husband. We danced and laughed and had a great time. Around 6pm we headed back to our host homes. It was a short 2 mile walk. I need the exercise as I have been indulging in all the great food! Now it is time for bed as we are going to a butterfly farm in the morning. Ciao for now!

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