Friday, July 15, 2011

July 14 and 15

Hola virtual travel companions ! After I posted yesterday my house mother Larena, made me dinner. I tried to tell her that I was full but she made me eat a little plate... I was happy to oblige! It was veggies, rice, pasta with cheese sauce and herbs, and fruit. Then, exhausted, I went to bed. I have a very comfy bed which I think is her sons - some of the keys are different so I cant use an apostrophe.... no worries, I am still the grammer police! I got up this morning and found that I was wrong about the hot water... But, since it is so warm here I didnt mind a cool shower. Waiting for me after was the most excellent coffee !!!! and fruit galore! definitely no bowel problems here ! We then walked to the market located in the square. I tried anything that I had never seen before and discovered many new fruits and veggies! The fruit called mamon chino is almost the same as the Leeche fruit in India. Over all Costa Rica -CR is no where near as much a developing country as is most of central and south america. It is much more developed here especially in the tourist areas. Lorenas house is concrete and open to the air. You can close the shutters but it isnt air tight like homes in the US. oh, and no air conditioning! No worries, it is between 70-80 degrees here most of the time. We are in the rainy season which is the only draw back. It rained most of the day. After the market we walked to the World View office for our Spanish lesson and --of course, more food and COFFEE ! ---hey is this heaven cant find the question mark We spent about 2 hours and I learned many, many words and phrases. After the lesson we walked back to the center of town and went to a Sodas which is like a very small cafe. I was so proud that I was able to order my lunch in Spanish without help! I ordered a very small lunch as I had been eating all day itus seemed! I had an empanada and a small salad. After lunch, we went to a municipal classroom and was given a history of CR and information about its government, healthcare, etc. It was very interesting. CR has NO MILITARY and puts all its money it would have spent on military towards EDUCATION... Wouldnt it be great if the U.S. would do this! I am seriously thinking of moving here someday! After the presentation, we were told to walk around and then go back to our host homes. Since it was pouring rain, I decided that I would go and make sure that I could find my way back to my house before I did anything else. I asked for directions from the group leader and was told [ go to the blue building, then go till you see the gas station, turn right, keep walking till you see the Coca cola sign, then make a right and go up the street.) Well I think the leader )jennifer, was miced up regarding which house I was in because I followed the directions completely and never found the house! I was drenched by now and kept looking for someone who might speak English. I saw a young man and asked him for help, thank God, he spoke english ! I had walked over a mile out of the way! He walked me back to where I was supposed to make the right turn but there was no coa cola sign there ! I found my house, let myself in, put on dry clothes, and took a much needed siesta ! When I awoke about 1 hour later, dinner was ready! a wonderful hot chicken soup with lots of veggies, and tortillas and cheese. After dinner I showed Lorena some pictures of my home and friends on FB. She seems very lonely. Her husband works in San Jose and is only home on the weekends. Her sons, Pablo and Cristian, are pretty much busy with friends, their computer, or TV. While I understand a lot of what she is telling me, there is much that goes right over my head so I just nod politely. I hope that I can communicate better with her so that she is not so alone. Well, I need to complete my Spanish homework, then its off to bed. Tomorrow we are visiting A VOLCANO !
Adios Amigos !

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