Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 5 in Costa Rica- July 18

Last night after I updated, I mentioned that I showed my host mom Lorena some pictures from India. when I was done, Edwardo, the father showed me some pictures from their trip to Santa Rosa California where some relatives own a restaurant. This was great because it gave us a mutual point to talk about. I also felt that they were being more open now. Prior to this Edwardo had said only two words to me. He also showed me some pictures and video from where he works in San Jose. It appears to be a very technical job for the electric company there. He came home in a pretty new SUV, so I imagine that this is a middle class family. All the indiginous people were killed by the Spanish, so all the population are descendants of European, Spanish, Chinnese, and other latin American countries. According to the Immersion Program there is no prejudice in this country. We have a lot to learn from Costa Rica ! When I got home yesterday, I found my dirty clothes that were in a bag on the floor, washed and folded! I felt so bad because she has to hand wash everything and hang it out to dry! We don't realise how good we have it in the U.S.
This morning was awesome! The whole family was out of the house before I woke up which gave me some quiet time. It was a beautiful morning with sunshine and birds singing and I sat on the patio and drank coffee. My family has a chiwawa named Bobbie. Poor Bobbie is not given much attention now that the boys are older. I befriended poor Bobbie and sat and pet him for a few minutes. After a couple of minutes he left and came back with a ball which he placed at my feet. I continued to throw the ball for him for about 30 minutes. It made me really think about poor Midas (my dog) at home. After a shower and breakfast of fresh pinapple and tortillas, I walked to the Imersion center for a 2 hour Spanish lesson. I am really beginning to get this! I need to practice a lot, but I am finally starting to understand how the grammar works. I promise myself that I am going to keep it up when I get home!
After our lesson we went to the Sodas for lunch. I had the best empanada ever! and some avecado and salad... Then we went to a state run preschool for poor and homeless children and painted the classroom. The school does so much with so little, it is difficult to know where I should put my time and money. When I played with the children I wanted to tell the director that I would come back and teach at the school, but I know I have my own responsibilites at home. I felt the same in India and Peru. Well, while I was posting I was able to talk to Joel, and that made me smile. I miss him and Rachael. Well, more tomorrow ! We are going to the coffee plantation ! Cafe YUM !

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