Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hiking at Zion National Park

We got up late, guess we are getting a bit tired of hotels.  Rachael is homesick, I miss Midas, and we're both ready to head home.... but not just yet... We drove up to the park and were mesmorized with the beauty of the canyon.  There are so many national parks in this side of the country.  Unfortunately for the people who live out here there isn't much but hotels, tourist attractions, and restaurants.  The only industry is visitation to the parks, and we found by talking to some of the locals, there's not much to do in these small "park towns" for the people who live in them.  We hiked a trail but neither of us was really up to it.  I wanted to hike the hardest, steepest, trail called Angels Landing, but Rachael was afraid I'd fall... Hopefully we can do it tomorrow.  We hiked a steep trail to what's called the Emerald Pools.  These are beautiful mountain pools.  We took pictures, but as I told Rachael, no picture will ever be able to show the beauty out here.  We found a great Thai restaurant in Springdale near the park.  Then we went back to the hotel and I had to do laundry.... now I'm heading to bed... more hiking tomorrow !

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