Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lazy Summer Sunday with the Mckells

We got to REALLY sleep in today as Russ's family goes to the 1pm service at their church.  I asked to visit their church and they were more than happy to take us.  I like to visit other churches and see what they do and I think it is good for Rachael to know what others believe and to respect their beliefs.  We had a leisurly brunch and then headed to church.  The inside of their church looks like any other interdenominational church.  They had hyms in the beginning and they even sang some of the songs we do in our church.  Their "service" did not consist of preaching like ours does, instead people come and give their testimony regarding what they are thankful to God for.  This was very different for me.  They had communion but used water instead of wine, which is good if you are concerned about people abusing alcohol.  And, it's less expensive !  All the members were very friendly and inviting even though they knew I wasn't a mormon.  After the testamonies, they ended the service with prayer.  Nothing in this service was alarming or out of the ordinary.  After the service we all went back to Russ's house and each did whatever we wanted.  Rachael and Becka who are the same age, went and "hung out" while I cleaned out our messy "toaster".  Russ made us burgers for dinner with grilled fresh pineapple and guacamole !  Now we are just watching movies or reading; I am updating the blog.  In a few I will watch some star trek and head to bed...

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