Friday, July 20, 2012

Travel July 20-22

July 20:  We left our "couch" in Vernal, Ut but not without having a fantastic breakfast at Betty's Cafe.  This "hole in the wall" local place had the best pancakes I've ever had!  Not only that, we sat at the counter (because it was so packed) and heard all the friendly banter between the staff.  At one point I was trying to get my phone case off my phone and I couldn't get it loose.  Rachael tried, but couldn't get it off either.  Rachael asked our waitress to try and she stopped what she was doing and tried... when she couldn't get it off, she went to one of the other customers who she apparently knew by name, and asked her!   Finally after my phone had been passed around, I said "don't worry, I'll figure it out later".  It was just that kind of friendly, "Andy Griffith / Mayberry" kind of place.  After breakfast we drove... and drove...While driving through western Colorado we were awed by the beautiful Rocky Mountains and laughed as our little 4 cylinder "toaster" struggled to get up the hills and over the mountains.  Then we hit eastern Colorado and all became flat... there was nothing for miles between little towns except corn and wheat fields... for hours the scenery didn't change.  We drove for 7 hours and  finally  stopped in East Colorado in a small town off the interstate.  There were 9 hotels here and so we thought we could find a room at our usual Super 8, Days Inn, etc.  There was not a room available anywhere except at 'Times Square Inn' which charges $130 per night.  We had no choice unless we wanted to drive 2 more hours to the next town... we didn't..  Off to bed we went...

July 21:  More travel... we got to Salina, KS and met our next couch surfing host.  Chris is a bright 25 year old who is the General Manager at Jimmy John's subs.  Rachael and I had our own room and bathroom.  As you may imagine, this young man's house cleaning had a lot to be desired, but we made the best of it.  He and his roomate were so funny to talk to we had lots of laughs.

July 22:  More travel to Springfield, MO.  We stopped at 6pm at Super 8.  Nothing exciting here.... tomorrow, we head to our last "fun" stop.  Ozark National Scenic Riverway in Van Buren, MO.... swimming, tubing, hiking ahead !

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