Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June 9-12, 2017: Chores, Beer, Chocolate, and travel

Pictures are HERE
Friday, June 9, 2017: Daily chores in Ghent
Even when on vacation it is necessary to take care of more everyday concerns.  We also needed a more relaxed day as we had been out every day sight seeing.  Today we did laundry and a little shopping.

Saturday, June 10, 2017: a day in Brugges, Belgium
Apparently while Ghent is larger than Brugges, Brugges is better known as a tourist area with lots of beer and chocolate houses.  We went to the Torture Museum and also visited a Brewery called De Halve Maan.  While we were in Brugges we met several interesting people.   We had our picnic lunch on a bench in the square where we met two lovely old “brits” with whom we had a wonderful conversation.  On the brewery tour we met some guys who told us about a Beer Spa in Prauge. Later, while tasting beer we met two professors from Oxford. (but were German).  A Geology professor and a Philosophy professor.  We talked for 3 hours !  We discussed life, philosophy, and politics.  It doesn’t get better than this !

Sunday- Monday, June 11 -12, 2017- Traveling back to Koln.
This would have been a mediocre travel day except that we ended up getting in first class on the train, and seated next to 3 college professors who were coming back from a conference in Brussels.  Perhaps I’ll come back and teach in Germany next year ! It was so interesting to find that they struggle with the same issues at their institutions that I struggle with at RCC.

Monday we did laundry, packed, and made preparations for the next 3 weeks of our expedition.

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