Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Saturday, June 3, 2017- Traveling back to our “home base”

We were so tired from yesterday that we slept in till 8:30am.  We went back to the same coffee shop from yesterday and had our bread and coffee.  I really must let up on the bread.  Here in Germany there is a different idea about what breakfast is as opposed to what we are used to.  No pancakes, bacon, eggs, or biscuits here !  The typical breakfast is a roll with salami and cheese and a cup of coffee.  After breakfast, we went to “old-town” and did a bit of shopping.  While we were there we noticed a bunch of people in the street who were protesting low wages at H & M.  We didn’t want to cross the line so we did not go in.  Before too long it was time to take the train back to Koln.  We arrived without a problem and Michel picked us up at the station.  They were going to a fundraiser “Barn Party” and invited us to go with their friends.  Of course we said yes!  There we tried a typical German snack of what I call German Pancakes / Potato Pancakes.  They are served with apple sauce and tasted great.  Interesting to note that we went there on our bicycles.  Again, here in Germany cars are used, but not as much as bicycles.  Next week we’re going to Belgium.  Of course we are expecting to have “Belgium Waffles”, but we don’t know if they will be a breakfast item or a desert item !

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