Sunday, June 25, 2017

"Local Color" in Prague-June 20, 2017

We got a late start this morning.  We decided to get off the bus at a random stop and find a restaurant for lunch instead of paying the high prices in the center of town.  We got off the bus, walked a block and there was a little restaurant.  We went in and ordered the daily specials. 

It was delicious and 1/3 the price of the food in the tourist area.  We also got the opportunity to talk with the waiter and his sister (who was there on her lunch break) because it was around 2pm and the lunch crowd was gone.  We asked them questions about the country and what they liked and disliked.  Martina told us that she was really proud of Czech history and especially Prague. 

 Many highly respected medical professionals study at the university here.  Unfortunately, she says that many of them are leaving the country after they finish their studies because doctors get paid very little here.  I guess that is one of the negative points to universal healthcare but there has to be a way that we can have quality healthcare for everyone while paying doctors a decent wage.  I do not know what the answer is, but there has to be one.

We experienced several things while at the restaurant.  One was that people are free to take their dogs everywhere.  Dogs are permitted in restaurants, in retail stores etc.  I wish we had that in the states ! Midas would love it.

Another curious thing is that a woman came in to eat and her little son was running around the restaurant NAKED.  That definitely would not go over well in the states !

One thing we noticed here is that on the trams and buses, and even on the street, when we smile at people they do not smile back.  When walking they look at the ground or directly in front of them.  When I asked Martina about it she said that it is part of Czech culture, and not to take it personally. 

After lunch we took a walk in the old part of town and around the old town and castle. 

Christmas Store in Prague

Prague Cathedral

Home of the Czech Republic Prime Minister

This is in the castle complex.  No secret service or tons of security.  There were some soldiers around though.

By the time we'd walked around it was time for dinner.  We stopped to have a drink near the castle and relax.

You can tell this was a tourist restaurant.  They brought us ice water without being asked !

Yes, this is REALLY the name of a beer !

We also asked someone where the Lennon wall was.  Apparently the Czech youth saw Lennon as a hero during the communist regime.  It was really cool to see it.  Unfortunately what we saw was not the original art, it was painted over in 2014.  There is a big debate about it HERE

After taking some pictures, we walked around and met a couple from Italy.  It was great talking to them and we compared Prague to places in Italy like Florence and Rome.

Finally, we were able to view Prague at dusk and take some beautiful pictures.

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Samuel Anonymous said...

yes, it´s me again.
i just want to point out, that universal healthcare is not the reason why czech doctors don´t earn that much money and leave the country.
as you might know, germany also has a universal healthcare system, and in my opinion doctors are paid pretty good. i found this link for you, that might be interesting:

so don´t worry, universal healthcare does not equal poor doctors. ;-)