Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 12: More Carlisle Castle, Carlisle Cathedral and village, BOOKSTORE BLUES, and afternoon tea

Today it was a little rainy with drizzle on and off.   It didn't bother us too much because we went back to ser the rest of CARLILE Castle.   The Castle is truly amazing.  After the castle,  we went to the Cathedral.   The stained glass and carved wood were beautiful.   One thing I'm seeing is that every church here is fairly old and that they were all built beautifully.   While some are more elaborate than others,  they are all very lovely.   After the Cathedral we went walking around the town and spotted an old bookstore it was wonderful!  It was an old English home converted to a bookstore.  I could have spent the whole day there. Later we went to a tea shop for a late lunch.  We are staying at another home stay.   This time in what's called a " terrace house" .  What we would call it is a " town house".  Our host's,  Allison is a primary school teacher.   She bought the house about a year ago.   The house has been repelled many times.  It was originally built in 1862 !  While it's cozy,  the layout is a bit strange as the bathroom was put in much later.   For the most part, all the homes we've seen in towns are very small due to the scarcity of available land.   We have so much land in the USA,  that we don't worry about expanding.   Here you either have to treat a building down, or build on top of it. We take for granted how really huge or country is.   The people in the UK think that driving 2 hours is a long way,  but that doesn't seem very far too us.   For them they could be half way across their country!   It just shows how geography effects culture.
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