Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 8: Castle Rushen / Elevensies Tea

Today we went to see Castle Rushin. It is a very old Castle but pretty well preserved. I was really surprised at how small the rooms are andhow dark they were.  It must not have been a pleasant life living in those circumstances.  Once it wasn't used as a Castle anymore, it was used as a prison.  It was so solid and we'll built even though it was made of uncut stones piled up.  I'm seeing that the people in Europe reuse old buildings rather than tear them down or build new ones because they lack the SPACE. In the USA we take land for granted because there is so much of it,  but here land and space in general come at a premium.  All the homes are small in comparison to ours and everything in them as well,  from the appliances to the furniture. I guess I never really thought about how large our country is in comparison to each European country. While walking in the Castle I thought of the people who lived there and what their lives may have been like.   Seeing a real Castle,  its size and characteristics do not fit the romanticized picture I had in my head. Ate the Castle we had tea and headed for the races.
Pictures are here :  https://plus.google.com/photos/104423898538711271791/albums/6035215666108004977?authkey=CPqEpLSO-IGZmgE

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