Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 19: Rain, Rain, go away !

We didn't sleep well,  so we slept late.   When we finally started walking into town it was past noon.   We found a place for " brunch" at a restaurant located in--a Travel Lodge !  The food was really good,  and very reasonable prices.   While we were there it began to rain very hard.   We decided to hang out till it blew over.  I made plans for the next leg of our trip.   I also tried to find us a room for the next two nights as we really needed the sleep.   Everything in our price range was BOOKED.   When it speed raining we headed back to Chris' house .  We passed a B and B and on a hunch we checked it out.   They had one room left!   So here we are,  we're going to sleep.   Sweet dreams everyone!

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