Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 20: Sleeping late, Down town York, and an evening cruise

We slept in till late,  but isn't that what vacation is for?   We had a bite to eat and set out to see the city.  Wouldn't you know, I forgot my phone/camera so I had to use Tim's.  Will get them off his camera eventually!  We'd heard that the River cruises were very good so we booked an early evening cruise.  After dinner at Witherspoons we headed for the dock.  The cruise was very relaxing and we learned much about the city. Nothing earth shattering today,  just a lovely day. The city has to many historical sites to count! The city itself still has a wall surrounding it that is hundreds of years old.  I think it would be fun to spend a few days just walking the walls and finding all the hidden passage ways in this city,  but we just don't have the time.   The United Kingdom is small,  yet it has so many historical and asthetically beautiful areas that I could easily spend a month (or more) in each region. Each area has its own style,  history,  and "personality" much like each state has in the U.S.  I wish I had the time to see it all.

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