Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 21: York Minster, Molly's Tea room, small cathedral, travel to peterborough

This morning we set out to see the famous "York Minster Cathedral".  I can tell Tim is getting a little bored with the buildings.   It's not that they're not awesome,  it's that there are SO MANY OF THEM,  each one as beautiful, if not more so,  than the next.   York Minster is supposed to be as elaborate as Westminster Abby in London. We arrived just in time for a tour where I learned that the cathedral was unknowingly built over a former Viking Cathedral,  and that built over a Roman military building.   They had no idea of the history beneath until one of the towers was in danger due to cracks in the foundation. I was able to see and touch parts of buildings that were over 2000 years old!  Then we took a tour to the top of the tallest tower.  We had to walk up over 250 steps in a spiral staircase. The view from the top was well worth it.  It took most of the day to see all of the Minster.   Earlier,  before we got there we walked by another church,  a tiny old stone one, with beautiful stained glass windows.   Unlike many of the buildings we'd seen, the doors were wide open and there was no entry fee.  From inside I heard the most beautiful, peaceful music,  so I went in to check it out.   The church was being used as a haven for prayer.  Every day it was open for people of any faith to go in and pray.   The young man explained that the congregation there had almost dwindled to nothing when about 2 years ago a new priest (Anglican)was appointed. In no time there was a revival in the church and it got so large they had to move to another building!   He asked me if I wanted prayer for anything and we prayed for Joel.   I felt so peaceful when I left there.
Anyway,  Tim and I had tea at a place called Molly's Tea room.  It was a beautiful day. Until we went to our hotel in Petersbough, which is just outside Cambridge.   This was an actual hotel,  not a homestay. It was pretty poor.   Not as bad as the London place,  but close.   At least we didn't pay a fortune for it.  Good night.
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