Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 13: Hiking in the Lake District

Finally we have a day to go hiking!   We looked up one of the MANY
 " walking" tours available of the Lake region and choose one that ran from the village of Keswick to the top of Skiddaw mountain in a loop.   The guide labeled it as 'difficult', and stated it should take 4-5 hours. We headed out from the trailhead about 1pm.  It wasn't long before we figured out that we were doing the loop backwards.   This would not really be a problem, we just needed to follow the directions in reverse,  right?  Easier said than done.   The trail became steep VERY quickly.   It wasn't long before I was wondering WHO decided to call this a 'walking' trail.  It was hard as I hadn't done much hiking recently.  We were determined to get to the top of Skiddaw which is the 4th highest peak in the lake region.  Each time we thought we'd reached the top, we were disappointed.   The trail kept taking us higher and higher.  Finally we were at the top but could see where the trail forked to go to the higher peaks.  While tempted to go higher,  we knew we weren't prepared for a longer hike so we started down.   As difficult as up was,  down was harder!  My knees were aching,  and by the end we were exhausted and sore. By then it was 6:30pm.  We found a little cafe that sold fish & chips, inhaled our food and ordered dessert, or "pudding" as a reward. We slept Very Soundly!  Pictures are here:

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