Monday, July 28, 2014

July 22: Audleys End

We had a wonderful time visiting one of the restored country Estates today, Audleys End.  Not only was the house restored,  they had the gardens and stables redone too.   We were able to read personal accounts of life on the estate circa 1830-1840.  It never occurred to me just how many people were may to run such an estate.   I will definitely watch Pride and Prejudice and Dowton Abby with new eyes.   As a matter of fact,  many of the novels and period films I love have been put in context as well as some of the great English literature I've always enjoyed.   It all makes so much more sense when you are familiar with the land and culture. Unfortunately we didn't make it to Highclere Castle aka Dowton Abby,  but I think we did just as well or better with Audleys End because instead of having to be on a1 hour guided tour we were able to walk around at our own pace.   We spent the whole afternoon there.   Hope you enjoy the pictures,  some areas didn't allow pictures.
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