Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 24: Back to London

We decided not to try to see anymore of Cambridge,  but instead to head towards London.   Tim could not get out of the "hotel" fast enough.  We packed up and rode to the nearest McDonald's (for WiFi), to sketch out where to go next.   We looked at our guide books and Tim came up with the idea to go see the National Motorcycle Museum which was sort of in the same direction as London.   We arrived there around 3:30, just in time for me to have tea while Tim perused the 900+  motorcycles on display.   I'm sure I had a similar look on my face when we stepped into the bookstore in Carlisle. Tim was like a kid in a candy store!  After they closed we went looking for somewhere to have dinner.   After a bit of travel we found a place called "The Bull's Head" in a little village.   The place seemed a bit pricey,  but we were so hungry that we didn't care.   I ordered a gnocchi dish and Tim ordered soup.  My dish was very good,  but there wasn't much of it,  I've not seen such small portions.  Tim's soup was ok.  We then took a look at the  dessert or "pudding" menu. We could each have our own or we could get the sampler.   We chose the sampler!   Needles to say that I'll need to diet when I get home!   With our sweet tooth's satisfied,  we headed for our lodging in London.   This time we'd booked with another home stay. It had great reviews so we were looking forward to it.   We had a little trouble finding the house because of the crazy way they number addresses here,  but Rafik and Eveland came out to get us.   Rafik is Indian,  but was born in England,  and Eveland is Estonian.  They are so cute together.   Their house is beautiful and our room was large,  pretty,  and comfortable.   They were having dinner and asked if we wanted to join them.   We would have if we hadn't eaten all that day!   After some chatting we went to bed in our comfy bed.

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