Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 18: It's all part of the adventure !

We slept late today after yesterday's adventure,  packed up or things, and heard to York. We were truly sad to say goodbye to our hosts Al and Sue as we really enjoyed talking to them.   One thing we've learned NOW about the highways in the UK is that unlike ours, there are not gas stations on every exit.   Here's how we learned this,  we ran out of gas!   We were running low on gas and kept trying to find a petrol station. We put it in the GPS, and went to the exit.   There was an empty building where the gas station was supposed to be.  We turned the bike around,  started up the street,  and the bike died.   I just looked at Tim, laughed, and said "it's all part of the adventure".  We decided to take our phones,  split up,  and try to find help.   I went into the little sore I saw and explained to the shop keeper and his wife what happened.  They told me that maybe the man up the street so is a mechanic,  might have some gas. I walked over there and there were two men there working on cars.  I ended my explanation with " could you sell us enough gas to get to the petrol station?  "  (which was, I found out, 6 miles away in the next village)  the man looked at me and said,  "it's going to be expensive"  I frowned and said that figured,  but had no choice.   Just then Tim texts me that he found help,  so I told the man that I didn't need his help after all.   Tim saw a young boy playing and asked if there was a gas station around.   The boy said he didn't know but would ask his dad.   He ran down the street and came back with his father who offered to take us to the gas station in the next village to get gas.   He drove us there,  let us use his gas can,  and refused to take any money from us.   There still are kind people in this world.
After this mishap,  we filed or talk and speed at a McDonald's for some coffee.   While their we meet a wonderful family from Scotland and ended up talking to them for over an hour.   While it did put us behind schedule,  it was very enjoyable,  and really, this is what is really all about,  getting to know people.
We also found an Asda, Walmart,  to pick up some supplies.
When we finally made our way to York, it was later than we'd planned.   we had made arrangements to stay with a couch surfer.  Chris lives in a house he rents with 2 other graduate students.   While I figured it wouldn't be like our last accommodations,  I was surprised at the conditions.   After all,  these were Graduate students!   The house was really dirty,  but we were exhausted and hungry,  and Chris so willing to help us,  that we just unpacked and said to each other that  we'd make the best of it.   Chris took us to a local pub where we had the best,  and last expensive meal yet!   Then we went to another place where the locals were singing folk music.   People would just show up with their instruments and " jam" together.   They played old Scottish and English ballads.   It was an unforgettable experience.   When we went back to the house,  we found that Chris gave up his room for us and was sleeping on the couch.   The kid was so nice,  we felt horrible when we laid on the bed and could feel the Springs poking through!   Well,  we were going to make the best of it!
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